Team Member Training

For Scottish MR, by Scottish MR

Within Scottish Mountain Rescue we deliver a wide variety of courses tailored specific to rescue.  We have a strong philosophy that the expert knowledge required for the unique challenge of rescuing within Scottish mountains lies within Scottish Mountain Rescue itself.  We look outside of our organisation to confirm good practice by inviting external experts to our courses and engaging in international exchanges.

Our courses are designed by small technical sub groups, delivered by a wide variety of team members and shaped through feedback by course participants.  Ensuring that the course remains a product of Scottish Mountain Rescue.  We ensure that the key information delivered on our courses is supported by the good governance of broad research and knowledge.

Access by other Mountain Rescue Teams

Our courses are primarily available to team members within Scottish Mountain Rescue Teams that are affiliated to the MRC of S.  Each course has the potential to offer a small number of places to Mountain Rescue Teams outside of Scotland.  Course cost for any team not affiliated to MRC of S and from outside Scotland is available on request.


The Mountain Rescue Committee of Scotland (MRC of S), also known as Scottish Mountain Rescue, is a Registered Scottish Charity - number SC 015257